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Cerveza artesanal Adelphos Moné

Micro brewery from Guadalajara, we work with a selection of the finest raw materials and a strict quality control, mainly specialized in recipes for the demanding or connoisseur palate. We have dedicated ourselves to satisfy those who like international craft beers, who seek a flavor beyond traditional beers. We have a cutting-edge and first generation team, we are fully focused on the process which means; we can ensure a very high quality in each production!

We have dedicated ourselves to satisfying those who like International craft beer, who are looking for a flavor beyond traditional beers. We have a state-of-the-art and first-generation team, we work in small batches which means that we can ensure very high quality in each production.

In 1969, Don Roberto left Aguas Alegres, (Orizaba, Veracruz) towards the pearl of Guadalajara, city of roses and tequila, with the determination to share one of the most ancient and emblematic drinks that man has created: Beer.

Thus the knowledge and passion was delegated to their children, who with the firm task of delivering “art” and “passion” to design the perfect drink in 2012 create: Adelphos Moné (Hermanos Espuma, in Greek).

“With a selection of the finest raw materials and strict quality control, the tradition has been continued to be able to share with you the passion for craft beer in every drop”! Between the Palate and the Soul!

In 2014 our brewery was opened to provide space for the general public and enjoy the house beers from the origin accompanied by a unique atmosphere and delicious food.

Our House beers

Adelphos Beer Vienna Obscura

Deep black beer with persistent whitish foam, composed of small soft pearls. It denotes aromas of toasted caramel, cocoa, coffee or tobacco, stands out for having a smooth and elegant flavor with hints of toasted bread or fine chocolate with balanced bitterness. I.B.U.´S 25.

Adelphos Kölsch Beer

Golden beer with clear and delicate clean and fresh white foam, delicately balanced generally with a very marked fruit character among which apple, cherry or pear or sweet grain and floral or herbal hops stand out. Smooth malt flavor that carries through the palate to the finish, pleasantly well attenuated and refreshing. I.B.U.´S 18.

High Quality Processes

100% unfiltered, which allows to preserve its flavor and aroma

All grains and hops are imported from Germany and Belgium. Our yeasts are of American origin

Backpressure packaging technology is used to prevent oxygen from altering the taste of beer

They get their carbonation inside the bottle (they do not inject CO2)

The water carries a special filtering process that gives them a lighter and pure touch

Our main beers are lager

All our beers have a processing period of between 40 and 60 days

All our bottles are amber color to keep flavor and aroma intact

German processes with recipes adapted to Mexico

Beer Maquila Services

Your brand - your label

Includes customization of the label according to your event or business

Your brand - your bottles

From 84 bottles (approximately 30 liters)

Your brand - Your Beer

Create your own brand of beer for your business or for an event

Styles to choose from:


Our Bar

The best quality and the best flavor only at Bar Fahrenheit, where you can have our craft beer accompanied by delicious BBQ ribs


At Adelphos Moné we can give you what you need for your event. Reserve our factory a whole day just for you, either with your work team or with your friends and family, in which you can do one of our workshops, for example: Beer Workshop and craft beer tasting, at the end of this workshop You will recognize the importance of “teamwork” in addition to leaving a unique experience of integration among all the participants. Beer Making Workshop, where at the end you will know how to make a homebrew, your creation, your recipe, your passion.

Do you want your personalized beer for that big day? Your label, your favorite flavor of Adelphos or Do you prefer a beer bar at your event? Do you want to have beer in your work or office?

Contact us! And like many of our clients, enjoy Adelphos Moné on your important dates, trainings and point of work.

Orders and Home Service

Visit our online store and enjoy your favorite beer.

Adelphos Line:

Vienna Obscura


Soon more variety ...


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Adelphos Cerveza Vienna Obscura

Historia: Desarrollada en 1841 por Anton Dreher en la ciudad de Viena Austria, se hizo popular y fue traída a México a finales de los 1800 por Santiago Graf y otros cerveceros austriacos. Los ejemplos auténticos son cada vez más difíciles de encontrar excepto en la industria de las cervezas artesanales ya que en la industria del alto volumen en su mayoría son versiones más dulces y donde utilizan adjuntos como el maíz.

Adelphos Cerveza Kölsch

History :Cerveza originaria de Köln Alemania tiene una tradición cervecera de fermentación alta desde la edad media pero no fue desarrollada como la conocemos ahora sino hasta finales de 1800 para combatir la invasión de las cervezas lager de fermentación baja.